1981 Airstream Funeral Coach

DSC_9549 Who doesn’t think an iconic recreational vehicle would make the perfect hearse?  Apparently some folks down at Airstream figured as much, and from what I understand about 32 units were manufactured in 1981 and ’82.

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 2.09.39 PMScreen shot 2015-01-15 at 2.28.45 PMWell, it’s our new project over here at the shop.  It’s days as hearse are over.  We’ll be breathing new life into this 14,500 GVWR chassis.  But as it is, she’s in surprisingly good condition for a 34 year old motorhome.

Interior deconstruction has begun.

Anybody in the market for some (reclining) captain chairs, shoot me an email.

Entrance for the living
An extra wide entrance for the living…

Very streamlined model with no rooftop A/C (the condenser is streetside up under the outriggers), skylights or vents (no appliances or plumbing).

and one for the deceased...
and one for the deceased…

Two large doors on either side, provide a pass-through for the casket.

You were dying to know what it looked like in there, weren't you...
You were *dying* to know what it looked like in the casket holding bay, weren’t you…

The possibilities for re-purposing are endless.  This rear hatch design would make an ultimate ‘tailgater’ option.

DSC_9569DSC_9557See You Down the Road!

2 thoughts on “1981 Airstream Funeral Coach

  1. I have purchased one of these airstream funeral coaches mine is a 1986. I have lots of questions about it. I would love to see the end result of your project thank you, Tim

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