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7.3 PSD Up Pipe Replacement

Finally got around to replacing these guys. Noticed a while back (when I was replacing the valve cover harness here) that telltale black soot down the passenger pipe at the ‘y’ collector. Blackened the inside of the engine cowl, too.

Everything about this engine is a bear to work on with it shoehorned under the Econoline hood- except when you can get at the backside via the interior engine cover. Taking the cowl off is the hardest thing about this job, seriously. Pipes and connections are completely exposed and accessible. Joy. This must be what it’s like for F-Series guys when they change their fuel bowl filter….

‘Y’ head and turbo. Clamps and bolts easily accessible

Hosing everything down with plenty of PB Blaster! makes almost every job easier. Also disconnecting the exhaust pipe gave me a little more room to fish the passenger pipe into place. It’s amazing how they packed this engine into the Econoline. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fit the intercooler and compromised with an upsized turbo. Incidentally, there’s a Youtuber who managed an intercooler install on an E-series. Pretty cool but he’s got much of the front body and bumper removed with the radiator and pipes hanging out. Looks like a scuba diver with a dual hose mouthpiece.

Pipes out. Turbo pedestal looks good. No leaks.

Picked up the replacement kit from and some fiberglass wrap and silicone paint from Amazon. 50′ roll was more than enough. Maybe I’ll use the extra on the exhaust manifolds (lol). Wrap came with stainless ties and heavy duty rubberized gloves. Gloves were a nice touch. Not sure if they’re trying to say: “wrapping your exhaust is so easy even a putz that doesn’t own a set of work gloves can do it” or “don’t go gloveless he-man mechanic this glass fiber wrap will seriously wreck your week”.

New bellowed up pipe and old with donut connection. Surprisingly the driver pipe and ‘y’ collector had a decent seal. Passenger side was shot.
Wrapped, painted and installed

Loosely connected the driver side pipe to the ‘y’ first, before putting in place. Then connected the passenger side. Once everything was aligned, I torqued it all down. Easy peazy.

Hopefully, this should help improve power and mileage. I’ve noticed a steady decline in mpg, but I’m not sure how much of that can be attributed to all the ‘warm-up idling’ I’ve had to do this winter.

See You Down the Road

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