Another Bad Vacuum Pump

Not my first rodeo replacing the mechanical vacuum pump.  Here’s my post on the subject: from last year.

But, I was a little sceptical it was the vacuum pump, again.  Bad power booster, or check valve will have same symptoms.  So, this time I checked what kind of vacuum the pump was producing. The ‘thumb test’ was inconclusive.  There was vacuum, but I couldn’t be sure how it compared to new.  $15 Harbor Frieght Vacuum and Fuel Guage was telling me 5 in-Hg at idle, and 15 in-Hg at 2100 rpm.

Harbor Freight vacuum gauge

Since, there’s no spec in my genuine Ford Service Manual on what vacuum should be, I had to compare it with generic engine numbers; and those are waaay low.  I’m reading it should be minimum 20 in-Hg at idle.

Pulled the pump. This time I didn’t remove the radiator shroud. I left the pulley on the pump, and backed out the mounting bolts with a ratcheting 10mm crescent.  Exchanged at the local Autozone- it was a lifetime warrantied Dorman. Too bad my time and trouble isn’t covered, but then they wouldn’t be able to keep stamping out this cheap CHINA crap for a profit.  Original purchase price was $110. The Motorcraft is $300.

All back together, brakes have full power assist, with the pump producing 25 in-Hg at idle.

See You Down the Road!

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