Best $20 Upgrade for Your RV

Absorption refrigerators are the best invention for recreational vehicles since sliced bread. Refrigeration using ultra-low power consumption. Thanks Ferdinand Carré!

But, they’re very finicky.  Exposure to solar gain, or being off-level will degrade performance.  One easy way to increase cooling performance is an interior fan.  Moving air over the absorption fins inside the cooling area helps.  It’s especially effective if you’ve got it packed with food.  I’ve found blocking the absorption fins at the top shelf negatively impact cooling, and this fan alleviates that problem.

Something you have to be aware of is the cooling power on these fridges aren’t at all like your regular kitchen fridge.  You can’t stand with the door open debating on cheese sticks or guac.  The other big difference is you can not put food that is hot or even warm inside; it will bring the fridge to room temp for hours.  If we’ve got some left over clam chowder in a tupperware that’s still warm, we either chill it in a bowl of ice, or leave it on the counter to cool to room temperature before putting in the fridge.

Camco Fridge Airator with On/Off Switch

Here’s the one I picked up:

Doesn’t move a whole lot of air, but enough to make cooling process more effective.  Takes up about as much space as a pint of half-n-half.  Reviews say the pair of “D” sized batteries it takes will keep it running for about a month. The little charcoal packet tucked up inside the air intake seems pretty useless.  I just use an open box of baking soda for odors.

See You Down the Road!


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