2 thoughts on “Camping Tip #2

  1. Absolutely agree.. I recently BROKE a 4way lug wrench while changing a flat. Twisted off screwdriver blades or loosened in handle or stripped screws becaus of poor fit..had a jack blow a seal while lifting a vehicle… Etc. on time use stuff where safety is t compromised.. Use and toss saving precious storage space.

    Buy once, pass along to kids…stay safe.

    1. Amazing… a tire iron?? I was actually thinking about my latest adventure replacing a fuel pump while stranded in middle-of-nowhere Tennessee. I bought this cheap little replacement, trying to save $40. Well, the darn thing failed 235 miles down the road. Had to buy another- this time I spent the $$$ on a genuine Delphi, then crawl under the van and wrench on it all over again.

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