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‘Winterizing’ the Batteries

Well, I don’t really winterize batteries, per se.  More like pull ’em to keep on a 3-stage charger while not in use.  Depending on the type, size, and manufacturer, batteries can be a fairly pricey investment.  Both proper use and maintenance are going to directly affect maximizing usable life.  There’s some serious science in battery use and maintenance, and I’m…

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Wheel Upgrade

Just over four years, and approximately 30,000 miles, we’ve gone through FIVE Goodyear Marathon ST tires.  Two catastrophic failures, that included massive trailer damage, one tread separation, and two large sidewall bulges. For all you backseat drivers: this is under extraordinary scrutiny and care, as recommended by Goodyear.  Specifically:  ◊ TPMS to monitor proper PSI at all times.   ◊ Regular visits…

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