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Centramatics on the Airstream

After about 30,000 miles on various makes of ST tire, I had had enough of tread-separation and blow-outs, and I equipped the ‘Stream with larger 16″ rims fitted with higher load/speed rated LT Michelin tires.

All was right with the world.

Or so it seemed.

I began noticing little disturbances in the trailer, each time after a day of towing.  Opened drawers, screws backed out on cabinets and screen doors, popped rivets on the door.  Nothing major, but I’d never seen this before.

Couldn’t be out of balance wheels; I’d had them balanced- twice.

I don’t subscribe to the “tow vehicle too heavy suspension” fallacy, based on my own vibration testing with various tow vehicles.

Maybe the increased un-sprung weight was having an adverse reaction?  I didn’t weigh the difference in OEM vs. the new LT wheels but, if I had to guess I’d say there couldn’t be more than an extra 20lbs per wheel.  I’m no engineer but, it seems like an extra 80lbs on a 9,000lb tandem axle trailer with independent suspension wouldn’t make any difference at all, with respect to un-sprung weight.

Enter “Centramatics”.  Apparently long haul truckers swear by ’em, and from what I’m reading the RV community has picked up on them in the last 10 years with very good results.   They’re basically active wheel balancers.  That is, as the wheel spins they automagically balance the wheel by distributing tiny micro beads to where they’re needed.

$214 delivered, direct from the manufacturer.  Time to give ’em a spin.







See You Down the Road!

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