Cleaning Your Airstream

One thing about Airstream’s, you can keep them looking like new for decades with proper care. I’ve seen units from the 80’s that look nearly new, with their original clearcoat finish. That’s what I’m hoping for and so far she looks pretty good.  Here’s the array of cleaning products and protectants I use regularly.


Meguiar’s Wash. Good for getting a deep clean on the exterior.

NuFinish. Great product. Makes the skin slick as snot for months. Been using it at least once a year since I bought the Airstream new and I’ve had very little corrosion compared to other folks who use Walbernize or Griot’s.

ACF-50. Works great making beltline trim look brand new. Good for treating filiform corrosion, too.

WD-40. I’ve heard it’s great for making the rock guards look brand new.

Sometimes I’ll spray the wheels down with whatever ‘tire shine’ spray I’ve got laying around.


Pledge. Fantastic on the hickory woodwork.

Oxyclean. Water solution with a brush does wonders on the carpet (why they put carpet in the lounge area, I’ll never know).

Tide. Weak solution with warm water cleans the ultra-suede leather sofa great. Mequiar’s leather protectant seems to work well, too.

Discoloring or stains on the mouse-fur walls is basically impossible to get out. If anybody has any tricks, please comment. The dinette cushion fabric covers unzip easy enough and launder well. Vinyl floor, counters, shower all clean up with the usual non-abrasive cleansers. We get this orange-brown colored discoloration on some of the white plastic components like the porthole window trim and fantastic fans. ‘Magic Eraser‘ product works great getting rid of it.

See You Down the Road all Shiny Clean!

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