Fixing a Sticky Econoline Door Hinge

Our Ford E-350 van side door (60/40 barn door) was so hard to swing, it felt like the hinges were mounted cockeyed.  Actually, closing the door felt like I was pushing it thru molasses.

Not all Econoline hinges are the same; Here’s the ones we’re talking about

What happens is the pin inside gets gummed up with corrosion, and there’s no where for it to go, or a way to get any lubricant on it.   You’ll need to drill a little port hole.  I used an 1/8″ bit.

Then I sprayed WD40 (only because I didn’t have anything else with a straw) in there while I swung the door back and forth.  Cover it with a rag while you do that because it’ll spew out of there with all kinds of black corrosion.

Works like a charm.  Door swings like buttah!

See You Down the Road!

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