Fuel Economy

Data export from “Gas Cubby” iPhone app


2005 Chevrolet Suburban 2500


8.1L (496ci)

3.73:1 differential

31′ Airstream Classic Limited Slide-out

Hensley Arrow 1400/14000

17,400 combined weight


Interestingly, when I remove the gas average of 13 and 10.9, because those numbers reflect (for the most part) an ‘unhitched’ ratio (while at Bryce Canyon), I get an overall MPG of 8.1

Return route

Total gas expenditure was $2,043.82 over 4,303 miles.

Start: Ruby’s Bryce Canyon, UT. End: Silverthorn, CO
Start: Silverthorn, CO. End: Dearborn, MI

The average speed was between 65 – 75 mph.

The overall driving fatigue was minimal.  Unlike when towing with a friction based hitch, where after 500 miles I felt thin… like butter scraped over too much bread.  This setup, is tuned perfectly, and gives me a ChrisMatthews tingly leg.  Between the Hensley Arrow, weight distribution, brakes, and of course bullet shaped Airstream, everything performs in harmony.  Even after our 710 mile leg between Breckenridge and Des Moines, I was ready for another two or three hours…



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