Grilling and Camping

Grilling and camping go together like:

Peas and carrots,

Abbot and Costello,

∅bama and criminal scandals.

but, I digress…

When it comes to a camping grill, portability is every bit as important as performance.  After all, it won’t matter how perfectly it cooks steaks if you can’t fit it in your truck.  That’s why I like this little chi-comm Nexgrill.  Not only is it very portable (with latches to keep the lid shut and internal parts in place, and folding legs), but an excellent cooker as well.

Ready for some campsite grilling!
Ready for some campsite grilling!

Two horseshoe burners, covered with “flavorizer plates” provide a very even cooking surface.  With both burners wide-open, my handy infrared temp-gun showed 650° at the grill surface.  Chicken breast is a breeze on this.  But, because of the compact design, steak, burgers, and brats are a little trickier to keep the flame-outs under control.  Which leads me to maintenance.  Because it’s so compact, keeping the internals and drip pan clean is key.  Of course, this is only a problem if you’ve got a production line cooking for the whole jamboree.  Otherwise, a good scrubbing with dish soap and brush after each use does the trick.

Something else you might consider is a portable grill table.  We found a folding card table that tucks away nicely in the back of the Surburban.  With that, I can position the grill up front near the trailer LP tanks.  The grill is fitted with a Type 1/ACME connector, so it’s simply screws on.  Toting an extra barbecue tank is unnecessary.

Now all I need is a decent set of grilling utensils.

See You Down the Road!

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