Gunnison, CO


Hit a snafu coming over Monarch on I-50W Made Big Horn pass look like foothill. The mighty ‘burb lost power as we approached +11,000’ elevation, and fortunately I was able to limp off onto a pullout. No overheating, but after 30 minutes I was able to make 35mph to the crest, then downhill was nothing but coasting all the way into town. Local NAPA scanned OBD for me, and codes were O2 sensors. Having them replaced at local “Precision Auto” In the meantime we’re enjoying “Tall Texan RV”

6 thoughts on “Gunnison, CO

  1. Same thing happened to us west of Cody in the mountains. Bad gas. Filled up with 93 octane and all was well again. Stick with high octane fill ups in the mountains, it’s worth the extra cents.

    1. 5 minutes on google says this particular suburban susceptable to vapor lock at high altitude and high temps. TSB for replacing fuel pump. Big job, inside gas tank. Not gonna do it- I’ll take a different (lower alt) route home.

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