Purpose of this blog.

My first post on my brand new website.

Great, another blog.  ‘Why’, you ask?

Not that we really need a reason… isn’t adding more digital flotsam to the endless ocean of websites, simply for the sake of doing it, reason enough?  Well, after registering the domain, getting it hosted, and downloading… I’m ready to go!

Actually, there’s three reasons for this little ongoing venture:

Information sharing.  Relevant travel trailer, tow vehicle, and hitch tips and technology. Here you’ll find information that I researched and in most cases tested myself.  I’m no automotive engineer, any guidance found here is to be used at your own risk, but at least what you find here is a collection based on factual research, manufacturers data, and real world testing (by me).  A simple Google search on several big recreational vehicle forums will return literally thousands of posts on any given topic, but in my experience, I’ve found weeding out the misinformation and superabundant bad advice can be very, very time consuming.

So let not your heart be troubled!  If it’s here, we’ve got you covered.

Campground reviews.  There’s a great website for campground reviews that we use regularly:

Again, combing through that site can be tiring as well.  For the most part, you can read between the lines, or even check the reviewers prior posts, but there’s a fair amount of what I call “spoofing”; posters with an axe to grind for whatever reason, or a stake in the campground.  Here, our perspective is from a God fearing Christian family, who enjoy everything about the RV lifestyle, whether it’s the community of fellow campers, or it’s the solitude you find at a BLM site.

Travelogue.  This last reason is the most important, and is two-fold.  Sharing our travels (while on the road) with family and friends, and supplementing my Airstream’s hardcopy log book.

Welcome aboard!

Michigan State Park camping


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