Hensley Arrow Hitch, Update

hensley hitch full curb

We’re rolling up on roughly 50,000 miles with the Hensley Arrow hitch, since purchasing factory new, and I wanted to blog an update to my original review (found here).


Regular maintenance consists of greasing at zerks every 500 miles, greasing the ball in the spring, and a wash when cleaning the trailer.  Other than some minor wallowing out of the bottom hole on the jack assembly, and a bent OCL adjustable screw, there’s no news to report.  Hensley replaced the bent OCL screw and arm under warranty, but balked on the jack assembly saying it was normal wear, and would not affect performance.


Discovered an easy and foolproof (not necessarily quick) way to hook up at any angle, pitch, yaw… once or twice I’ve unhitched in a less than optimal orientation.  Disconnect both strut bars, and the black receiver box/orange head assembly is completely free to orbit on the ball coupler, making it possible to hitch-up in essentially any possible configuration.


Still enjoying outstanding performance on the road.  No push from passing semi’s, no wiggle in high winds, and definitely no sway.

 See You Down the Road!


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