Arrived home 12 noon.

Wow, place really goes to pot in two weeks…

So after fourteen days, four thousand miles, five national parks, two state parks, and a few private campgrounds and WALMART parking lots, I think the blog had one fundamental flaw, summed up nicely by Yogi Berra: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice… but in practice, there is.”

The one major problem with blogging from the road is having a reliable internet connection.  Even public “hotspots” didn’t provide a usable connection.  Using ‘WordPress’ requires a good, solid connection- that is, I can’t create ‘draft’ posts, then post later when I’ve got a signal.  Seriously considering some type of ‘booster’ antenna/amplifier installation…

Feel free to comment any constructive criticism, recommendations, likes, dislikes, etc… for possible future enhancements.

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aka ‘Boondockdad’


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