Kayak Roof Rack

Picked up a Yakima KayakStacker.  Mounts perfectly with the round bars on the roof rack. They should, they’re both Yakima brand. 

Sturdy construction.  Straps are held tight by a spring loaded spiked latch mechanism.  Works well, it’s simpler than a ratchet system and you don’t have to worry about (accidentally) squeezing the shape out of the hull. 

Holds the kayaks very securely.  Owners manual says up to five can be lashed down. That’s important for us.  Not much more difficult to load than the rear load type mount; but, the real benefit is the reduced footprint. I plan on putting a couple more kayaks up there, and some bikes. Lots and lots of space- another perk of the Econosaurus.  


Not much roof rack left for other toys with this type mount

The drawback with this mount is the aerodynamics. You’ll feel crosswinds with this orientation. Maybe covering the opening with a bonnet would help… as long as it was very securely attached.

See You Down the Road!

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