KDLinks X1 Dashcam Review

I’ve been kicking around the idea of installing a good Dashcam for a while now.  Every so often I’ll hear a story about how it saved somebody a lot of legal hassle.  There’s also the YouTube potential- catching something for posterity (like a flipping travel trailer…).

Well, after my encounter with a Detroit Police Officer, I decided having a Dashcam with audio was an absolute necessity.  If those black community organizers are complaining about unfair treatment from white cops- well, here in Deeetroit it’s a two way street…

But, enough about the militarization of our police forces and subjugation of citizens.  I’ll leave that to the likes of Radley Balko, or the folks at the Cato Institute.

Picked up this nifty X1 from Amazon for $169.  Has all the features I was looking for at a reasonable price: GPS tracking, HD video, and audio.


Not the smallest I’ve seen but, it tucks away nicely behind the rear view.


After a couple hours of use, it seems to do what it’s supposed to do.  Decent video quality, not great but definitely adequate for my purposes.  It comes packaged with a movie player software that interfaces with Google maps. I having trouble getting it to play the audio.  So far, tech support has been very responsive.  Hopefully they can get this resolved.

You can set the Dashcam for 2, 3 or 5 minute recording chunks, and you can batch load them all into the player, making it easy to sequence and find specific clips.  The included 8GB MicroSD card looks like it holds about 57 minutes or so of HD video, before it starts overwriting the first clip.  specsIt’s got a bunch of nifty features like a function that auto-locks a clip in the event of a high-G event, auto-off, and motion sensor to start.  I’ve got it powered with the included cigarette adapter (with the the wire neatly hidden behind the trim and headliner) so I can just unplug it to automatically stop recording. Plugging it back in automatically starts it recording. The map is your standard Google interface with a pushpin showing the exact location, and a highlight path showing the start and stop points of the selected clip.

IMG_0025 lorez
In the pic of my monitor, you can see the time and date stamp; that is, it was dusk, and the picture quality is pretty good. Other than the Mac version of the software not working (KDLinks tech support said my 10.6 OS was too old), and on my PeeCee not playing the audio, everything else seems good.

See You Down the Road!

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