Mother Nature’s Carbon Footprint Needs to be Reduced

This global cataclysmic damage needs immediate intervention, or we could be facing a doomsday scenario by 2019.

Somebody call Algore


Rocks overhanging the lava lake are altered by gases coming from the lava, Babb said. The rocks eventually give way and collapse into the lava, causing an explosion.

Nepal earthquake: Mount Everest climbs ‘almost impossible’

Climbing Mount Everest this season is “almost impossible” because the routes have been damaged by avalanches triggered by last month’s earthquake

What Does Chile’s Latest Volcano Eruption Mean for Recreation?

Volcanic activity in and around Patagonia could mean clogged streams and animal deaths, but experts say the region should bounce back quickly.

Typhoon Haiyan’s storm surge may contaminate Philippines aquifer for years

researchers with The University of Texas at Austin have found that an aquifer on the island of Samar inundated with salt water by the storm surge could remain undrinkable for up to 10 years

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