No Labor Day Vacation

August 31, schools starting back up, our last hooray for a family vacation… but, we’re sitting this weekend out.

I guess I’m getting old and crotchety, but camping on the major holidays has really turned into a hassle.  Particularly, the Labor Day weekend.

I mean, what’s the point of camping if you’re sardined into a 100% booked campground where everybody seems like they’re in a big damn hurry to relax and enjoy their vacation by acting like a total jackwad?

Campers are a very eclectic group, for the most part, friendly folks just looking to relax, unwind, commune with nature, spend quality time with family, friends, pets, etc.

But, introduce that desperation over knowing this is the last getaway, before heading into the long, dark of winter, I guess makes people that are otherwise very affable fellows, total jackwagons.

Oh well, maybe we’ll pull it out of winterization, for a cold-weather camping trip…



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