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Hitch Receiver Upgrade

The rust is really starting to become a problem on the ol’ girl.  2003 Ford E-350 has lived all her life in the Detroit area. No undercoating. Already replaced the radius arms due to pack rust. Body panels starting to go. Hitch receiver isn’t exempt.  A couple years ago I pulled it off, sanded clean, and coated with rust-converter and…

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Part of Grand Teton National Park Closed

“The Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point areas are currently closed due to elevated potential for rockfall. The area was closed to protect human safety on July 10 after expanding cracks in a rock buttress were detected.  It is unknown how long the closure will be in effect. Geologists are monitoring the buttress for movement and have initiated a risk assessment…

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Our first encounter with ticks (while camping) was out at Keyhole State Park in Wyoming.  My wife was helping our (at the time) little girl into her pajamas and noticed a couple little buggers.  That was our wake-up-call to check for these little blood-sucking parasites, regularly. Uncut grass where we store the Old Girl looks like it might be a…

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