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Painting My Hensley Hitch

Decided I was tired of looking at the beat-up, faded ‘Hensley Orange’.

Here’s what it looked like brand-spanking-new, after pickup from the warehouse in Romeo, Michigan and self installing.

Hensley Arrow hitch. 1400/14000 model.
Hensley Arrow hitch. 1400/14000 model.

And here it is after less than 48 months…

Hensley still performing like new, but not looking like it.
Hensley still performing like new, but not looking like it.

I could have done a full disassembly, and sand blast for prepping, but since I wasn’t planning on powder coating or baking the paint, I figured a good scrape and sand while still assembled was adequate.

Freshly painted Hensley Arrow
Freshly painted Hensley Arrow

I picked up some “Metallic Pewter” spray here.  Not a perfect match, probably from fade.  Looks like I’ll be having to do some cosmetic work on the A-frame and tongue jack, as well.

Note: Since I’m the original owner, and the lifetime warranty is in effect, the serial number badge needs to be visible.

See You Down the Road!

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1 thought on “Painting My Hensley Hitch

  1. I am right there with you on painting! I like the orange though, so I will prime it after scraping and spray again with the right orange from Ace Hardware. I think the hitch is 5 pounds lighter after scraping!

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