Prepping for Winter

Exterior receptacle

With another Michigan winter looming, I decided to get out in front of potential cold start issues with the diesel. 

Starting an ice cold 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel is a bear, and it’s hard on the engine, too.  The diesel supplemental owners manual says to plug the engine block heater in when temperatures dip below 40°. 

No problem, I’ve got an exterior outlet.  It’s on the back of the house, and the thought of leaving my 10ga 50′ extension cord lying outside, under the snow, getting stepped on and gouged with snow shovels, doesn’t make me very merry.

After a quick run to the hardware store, I’ve got 

  • 25′ Romex 12/2
  • Exterior metal surface mount J-box
  • Exterior weather tight receptacle cover
  • Masonry mounting screws and mollies
  • Plastic single gang J-box
  • Wire nuts
  • Wire staples
  • Hard wired timer

Permanent timer. They should probably include a magnifying glass with this model.

About an hour later, had the outlet installed and wired on a handy timer.  The engine block heater draws about 1000w, so leaving that plugged in for 10-12hrs is no chump change.  I’ve currently got it set to go on about 4am, giving the engine about 3-4hrs of snugly warmth.

See you down the road 

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