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Public Land Dispersed Camping

Resources for your ‘boondocking’ pleasure…


Bureau of Land Management

Pick the state you want, click the appropriate field office and get a map. Once you have an idea of approximately where you want to go, contact the appropriate field office (FO) and ask for the Recreation Specialist (Rec specialist). It’s their job to provide info to the public (most offices have a Rec Specialist, but not all). Ask them about ‘dispersed camping’ locations (they may not be familiar with the term ‘boondocking’). Rec Specialists are usually more than happy to help.

If you want to dig further, go to the individual FO Resource Management Plan (RMP). You can usually find it on their website. They will define the dispersed camping regulations and areas that may be closed to dispersed camping.


US Forest Service

The US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, produces “Motor Vehicle Use Maps” for its National Forests, and clearly marks on them where you can do dispersed camping.

Search for “Motor Vehicle Use Maps”, then follow the links underneath.
You can view the maps online or get them free from Ranger stations. Maps are listed according to States.


Some other links, below:

Boondockers Welcome

Free Campgrounds



See You Down the Road!

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