Radio Flyer Wagon Canopy

The number of questions coming my way from an Amazon purchase of this and the lack of any good product details, prompted me post a blog.  Hopefully, you’ll not only find it, but find it helpful.


Fabric is relatively water proof

Appears to block UV rays

Stays in place under pretty good wind

The only canopy I could find


Intermediate ribs are very fragile

Clumsy procedure and surprisingly bulky when collapsed


Not exactly compact
Clamp should accomodate most wagon sides
Good friction pad and strong clamp keeps the canopy firmly in place
One of the intermediate ribs that broke after the second use
Overall, it serves the purpose.  Not crazy about the quality of materials (except the clamps seem to be durable), but I guess time will tell.  I’ve used it maybe four or five times now and the only thing that’s busted are the thin intermediate ribs for the canopy.  Even without those, the canopy stays pretty rigid.  At $33 it’s a tad overpriced.  YMMV

See You Down the Road!

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