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Range Repair

The range has been annoying me for years, and I finally got around to fixing it.

Maytag Amana Model ALY2280BDS.  RV 3-burner LP range.

The problem was the grate and pads.

The original design had the grate held in place with four rubber grommet pads. Not good.

OEM rubber grommets for holding the grate in place. Subject to heat and vibration, they failed quickly.

After maybe the fourth use, the grommets basically melted away and the grate dropped down onto the burners. So basically, you’re resting the pot on top of the burners, and this wrecks any efficiency.

Solution: thread the grate frame standoffs, and bolt it into place.

Vice clamp the grate.  Thread the standoff, then fit with nut and washer

Used a 20 – 1/4″ die

Bolt and washer holds the grill in place. Much better than the OEM rubber grommet.

I put some Loctite on the threads underneath.  OK, it’s not as convenient to clean the grill but, I think the trade off is well worth it.  Much better operation.

Grate properly supported above the burners

See You Down the Road!


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