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Range Repair

The range has been annoying me for years, and I finally got around to fixing it. Maytag Amana Model ALY2280BDS.  RV 3-burner LP range. The problem was the grate and pads. The original design had the grate held in place with four rubber grommet pads. Not good. After maybe the fourth use, the grommets basically melted away and the grate…

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Grilling and Camping

Grilling and camping go together like: Peas and carrots, Abbot and Costello, ∅bama and criminal scandals. but, I digress… When it comes to a camping grill, portability is every bit as important as performance.  After all, it won’t matter how perfectly it cooks steaks if you can’t fit it in your truck.  That’s why I like this little chi-comm Nexgrill. …

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