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Update on Michelin LTX Tire Failures

Big update.  The Michelin LTX tires that Discount Tire installed on my Airstream in April 2012 were all subject to a RECALL. Here’s my earlier posts on the subject: So, my first question is: why wasn’t I notified of this? CFR 49 outlines the tire dealers responsibility for registering the DOT codes and consumers contact information with the…

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Michelin Tire Failure, Numéro Trois

Previous post tells the tale of my trailer tire troubles to present. Total Michelin LTX failures is now at THREE. I thought ‘tread separation’ was a thing of the past since I had ‘upgraded’ to Michelin LTX tires. Not so. Towed the Airstream down to Jackson Center for repairs on the damage from the Michelin tread separation failure (number two)…

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Wheel Upgrade

Just over four years, and approximately 30,000 miles, we’ve gone through FIVE Goodyear Marathon ST tires.  Two catastrophic failures, that included massive trailer damage, one tread separation, and two large sidewall bulges. For all you backseat drivers: this is under extraordinary scrutiny and care, as recommended by Goodyear.  Specifically:  ◊ TPMS to monitor proper PSI at all times.   ◊ Regular visits…

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