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More Roof Work. Skylight Maintenance

I’ve heard Airstream owners say they service (strip and recaulk) the roof every five years. That sounds a bit OCD to me.  Especially if you’re using a high quality polyurethane like Vulkem 116. But, at the same time I wouldn’t wait for the eleven year mark, either.  Which is what I did.  So far: Fantastic Fan’s are done Rain channel…

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Roof Maintenance

Nine years between roof maintenance is probably pushing it. But, to be honest it looked pretty good. Sort of. Anyhow, scraped the old off and cleaned up with mineral spirits using lint-free rags.  Didn’t do the fixed skylights because I want to swap them out with Maxis’. But, rain gutters/rivets, fantastic fans, vent stack, fridge vent, antenna mount, and bathroom…

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