Trailer Tire Failures. ST and LTX

A chronology of tire failures (and some corrective actions taken) on our 2008 Airstream 30′ Classic Limited. 09/01/2008 GoodYear Marathon failure. Blow-out. Streetside front (SSF). Flat. 11,000 miles on tire. 03/11/2009 GoodYear Marathon failure. Tread separation. Flat. Streetside rear (SSR). 12,900 miles on tire. 03/22/2009 GoodYear Marathon failure. Tread separation, inflated. Curbside front (CSF). Maxxis replacement. 14,200 miles on tire.…

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Why I Replaced our ST Tires with LT

Why I replaced my ‘ST’ class tires with ‘LT’ (and all that entailed). Very near maximum loading. Few tire options in 15″ rim diameter. Unsettling to know you’re running at maximum rated speed of tire (65 mph). Personal experience (5 instances of tire failure with ST). There’s no shortage of discussions on this topic: GoodYear Marathon Tires and NHTSA GoodYear Marathon Failures…

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