Our first encounter with ticks (while camping) was out at Keyhole State Park in Wyoming.  My wife was helping our (at the time) little girl into her pajamas and noticed a couple little buggers.  That was our wake-up-call to check for these little blood-sucking parasites, regularly.

Uncut grass where we store the Old Girl looks like it might be a problem, too.  We’ve got lots of ticks there.  Recently found a tick inside after picking up from storage.

Here’s a little tool I’m going to store in the medicine cabinet.

And a nice little video of it in action here:


Here’s what we currently keep in the medicine cabinet.  Also good for splinters and ingrown hairs.

The key is not grabbing the body and squeezing the fluid back into your body.  Getting underneath is the trick. Chemicals or other methods of killing the tick while attached also causes the tick to regurgitate back into your body.  Pry from underneath.

Another good prophylactic measure is treating your clothing. I understand this preventative method is very effective.  Some folks use dog collars on their ankles with good results.

See You Down the Road!


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