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Maybe it’s part of getting old, but all my vacation memories are starting to run together.

Conversations among the family go something like:

“When was that time we went to Bryce?”

“Have we ever been to <insert location here>?”

“Where was that campground where the mosquito’s carried off that little girl?” 

And I just shrug my shoulders after each question…

Until I start perusing the trusty ‘Captains Log’, stored securely on the iCloud, and conveniently accessed with my handy iPad (There’s probably an app, but I find a simple ‘Pages’ document does the job).

A journal keeps all the little details about each trip alive.  At the very least, it’s a technical account of the trip, equipment, weather and conditions, events and progress.  Some of the items I keep track of, include:

  • Location and dates, times.
  • Mileage, and MPG.
  • Scaled weights.
  • Campground reviews, boondock locations.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Maintenance schedules (brake service, ball grease, lubricate locks, batteries, etc.).
  • LP tank fills.
  • Repairs, modifications (popped rivets, Trimetric install, tire upgrade, etc.).
  • Winterizing.
  • Equipment washing, wax, interior cleanings.

The uniquely personal stuff doesn’t usually make it into the log (since I’d probably include the logbook with the trailer in the event we ever sell it).  That’s not to say a personal vacation diary isn’t a good idea.  When we traveled to Yellowstone National Park in 2011, I gave each of my boys a nice leather bound book to maintain a journal over the life of the trip.  Upon returning home, I stored the journals for safe keeping.  I imagine, some day when we’re older, we’ll go back and read them.

See You Down the Road!

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