Trailer Tire Failures. ST and LTX

A chronology of tire failures (and some corrective actions taken) on our 2008 Airstream 30′ Classic Limited.

First GoodYear Marathon ST blow-out on our way back from Indian River RV Resort, September 2008. Very little damage.
09/01/2008 GoodYear Marathon failure. Blow-out. Streetside front (SSF). Flat. 11,000 miles on tire.

Second GoodYear Marathon ST tire failure. Tread separation. I-10 west of Jacksonville, FL. Did $10,000+ damage to streetside of trailer. March 2009.
03/11/2009 GoodYear Marathon failure. Tread separation. Flat. Streetside rear (SSR). 12,900 miles on tire.

Third GoodYear Marathon ST failure. Happened somewhere between a fuel stop in Toledo, OH and home. Minimum damage, mostly scuffing from tread belt. March 2009
03/22/2009 GoodYear Marathon failure. Tread separation, inflated. Curbside front (CSF). Maxxis replacement. 14,200 miles on tire.

06/05/2009 TST TPMS installed, wheels balanced with monitors.  Supposed to monitor temperature and pressure.  Discovered they were basically useless.

12/27/2010 GoodYear Marathon sidewall bulge. Curbside rear (CSR). 21,800 miles on tire.

04/28/2011 TST wheel sending units replaced under warranty.

07/29/2011 GoodYear Marathon replaced with Carlisle ST. Slow leak from puncture. SSR. 14,100 miles on tire.

03/03/2012 GoodYear Marathon failure. Replaced with Commodore ST. Internal belt separation, remained inflated. SSF.  19,000 miles on tire.

New Tredit T02, Michelin 225/75R16 LTX MS, April 2012
04/11/2012 Michelin 225/75R16 LTX M/S installed all four and spare. 16″ aluminum rims. Balanced. TST system abandoned.

Here are the stats on the tires at replacement:
SSR Carlisle ST. 3,600 miles on tire
SSF Commodore ST. 800 miles on tire
CSR GYM. 8,900 miles on tire
CSF Maxxis ST. 16,500 miles on tire

04/11/2016 Centramatics installed all four wheels.

07/21/2017 Michelin LTX M/S failure. Blow-out. SSF. Replaced with CORSI brand from “Discount Tire”. 28,700 miles on tire.

10/17/2017 Shocks replaced. 60,000 miles on factory installed originals.

Second Michelin LTX failure with what looks like tread separation. Happened southbound on Georgia 27 just north of Bainbridge. Caused moderate-severe damage. April 2018
04/01/2018 Michelin LTX M/S failure. Blow-out. SSR. 30,500 miles on tire.

To sum up, here’s a spreadsheet with the pertinent info:

Basically, it looks to me like four failures due to defect and one replacement from road hazard for the GoodYear Marathon’s.
The Michelin’s survived slightly longer- 63 and 72 months, with more mileage.  They both appeared to be tread separation failures.  The single Maxxis ST performed well, having 16500 uneventful miles before swapping out for the LTX.

Based on all the feedback I’d been reading about “upgrading” to LTX tires, I was surprised my Michelin’s blew.  I had a set of Michelin AT2 on my Suburban for almost 60,000 miles, and I can guarantee they saw much, much more abuse than what they experienced on my RV.  But, then they didn’t sit unmoved, under load for almost 6 months out of the year.  Maybe that’s the workaround? Blocking the trailer during winterization, or going out and moving it every week.

The other item I’ll be having checked this week is the axle alignment.  I was getting very strange wear patterns on the Michelin streetside tires prior to them failing.  I’d been told by tire shops it looked like bad shocks.  But, I suppose it could also be bad alignment, which would cause excessive heat that might contribute to premature failure.  We’ll see, and I’ll keep you posted.

See You Down the Road (Not on jacks, God willing)
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