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Update on Michelin LTX Tire Failures

Big update.  The Michelin LTX tires that Discount Tire installed on my Airstream in April 2012 were all subject to a RECALL.

Here’s my earlier posts on the subject:

So, my first question is: why wasn’t I notified of this?

CFR 49 outlines the tire dealers responsibility for registering the DOT codes and consumers contact information with the manufacturer. Discount Tire (DT) tells me they did this, and it was a failure on Michelin’s part not notifying me.  My contact information with DT- cell phone number, email address and street address haven’t changed since April 2012 when I purchased the tires.

My next question is: why did I pay for a replacement tire from DT for the first tread separation that happened in July 2017?

I brought that tire back to the same store I bought it from and had a discussion with the tire salesman about how surprised we were to see a failure like that on a Michelin truck tire.  Not only should I have had that tire replaced at no cost, but they should have alerted me to the recall.

So far, I’ve talked with both DT and two different Michelin representatives in customer claims.

The first person I spoke to at Michelin was Alvin in Claims.  He said there is no warranty when an LT tire is used on a trailer (I subsequently discovered these tires were part of a recall).

At this point I went back to DT, and relayed Alvin’s position; my point being DT sold me those tires for my trailer, balanced and mounted them on my trailer. It would hold DT is wholly responsible for providing compensation on defects.  Chris with DT is telling me that information is not accurate, and this is a claim that is Michelin’s responsibility. Chris told me he would forward my information to their guy in Michelin, and he would be contacting me. Chris also indicated DT would cover whatever Michelin wouldn’t, to make me whole. This is encouraging.

Ritch with Michelin called me the same day (much to my surprise). One of the first things he tells me is: without the defective tire for them to inspect, there is no claim.  I don’t have the tire because it blew-out in Georgia on our way to Florida for a family vacation.  There was no where to store the tire, and the mom & pop shop that changed it didn’t think to check whether it was a recall.  All I have are several hi-rez pictures (everything gets documented on!). Ritch says they’ll review my claim, but are not making any promises. I’ve forwarded all the pictures, receipts and timeline.

In the meantime, our Airstream is sitting at Jackson Center with about $4500 worth of damage that wouldn’t be there if I had been notified about the tires being defective.


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