Vans Rule

I can’t believe we waited so long before switching to a full sized (extended) van as our tow vehicle.  Eight people in an eleven passenger arrangement makes for comfortable travel, and cargo space behind the third bench is enormous. Here’s what we packed in the van for our last trip to Lake Michigan:

  • 3’x5′ folding card table
  • Travel grill
  • 20# LP tank
  • Radio Flyer (all terrain model) wagon
  • (4) Folding camp chairs
  • (3) Kayaks
  • (3) paddles
  • Tool box
  • Four man tent
  • Walk off mat
  • Umbrella stroller
  • Leveling blocks
  • Large duffel bag of beach toys and flotation devices

The only thing I regretted not bringing (there was plenty of space for it) was the XL outdoor carpet. Most of the sites in the CG are that dirty beach sand that makes your feet (and inside your RV) black.


See You Down the Road!

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