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Vehicle Recycling Center

I noticed a strange swimming feeling in the vans front end the other day.  I’m immediately thinking ball joints, right?  But, I take a gander underneath just to make sure it’s nothing obvious.  It is.

A busted front sway bar bracket of all things.  How does that even happen?  Darn thing was sheared off clean.  Nothing left but two little tabs where it bolts to the frame.

Call all the local auto part stores. NAPA, O’Reilly, Autozone, Advance… Nobody around here has one.  It’s a Saturday, so the Ford dealer is closed.

Then again, little odds and ends like this bracket are perfect for picking up in a self serve junk yard.  Or “vehicle recycling center” since I’m a staunch environmentalist. The only problem is not ending up with more damage than you came in with (i.e. Joy Road and Greenfield is everything Detroit’s known for).

On my way to the junk yard. Detroit.
On my way to the junk yard. Detroit.

So, I grab a few sockets and head over.  I’m in luck, they’ve got a 2000 E-350.  Looks picked over, but it’s still got a sway bar and both brackets.  Unbolts easy, and man at the register charges me $5 for it.

Not bad for a $27 part shipped, online.

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