Virtual Airstream Trailer

Since we’re not doing any winter camping (no plans, anyway), we’ll have to settle for some ‘virtual’ camping with our virtual Airstream.

2008 Airstream Classic Limited Slide-Out 30'
2008 Airstream Classic Limited Slide-Out 30′

Or I could use it to noodle ideas for re-configuring the interior.  What originally started out as a small design project to maximize available space for photovoltaic panel installation on our silver “luvsub”, turned into a full-blown, interior and exterior model.

exterior overallThe exterior aluminum is basically a free-form profile generated surface model.  Maybe if I find a need, I’ll start over on the exterior skin with accurate representations of the actual panel shapes and seam lines.

interior front to backThe interior is where the field checking began, and appears to be accurate to within one inch.  This is more than enough precision for schematic design of a bedroom layout conversion, and for material and color refit.

2008_Airstream_Classic_SO 03 sectionFor the bedroom, I’d like to replace the queen bed with flanking twin sized bunks.This modification will require reconfiguring the rear trunk storage space, removing the both street and curb side full height cabinets, creating new lower bunk storage spaces with drawer and lift platform access.  Upper bunk hanger and support hardware, and a custom drawer unit at the head (very rear of the trailer).street side section

See You Down the Virtual Road!


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