Winterizing the Airstream, Again

Air compressor hooked up, HWH drain plug open

It’s that time, again.  Put the old girl into storage, and make sure there’s no water to burst any pipes or tanks.  Easy peasey.  I did things a little differently this year. 

Ball valve fresh water to air compressor adapter
  1. Open all faucets and fixtures.
  2. Open fresh water drain valve
  3. Open hot water heater drain plug
  4. Bypass water pump with short connector.  Cycle water pump for 15 seconds to expel any water.
  5. Connect air compressor to fresh water hookup.
  6. Set regulator to 80 psi, and expell.
  7. Repeat until there’s no water coming out of any of the drains or fixtures. Since I’m using a small 4 gallon compressor, I burned a lot of time letting the pressure spool up. Took about 15-20 cycles of ‘off’ and ‘on’ with the ball valve connector. Be sure to open the exterior spigot, and toilet flush.
  8. Drain the holding tanks.
  9. Pour antifreeze down kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower drain, and toilet.

Whole process took about 2 hours.  I imagine it would have been a lot quicker with a larger compressor (capacity).

I’m confident there isn’t a drop of water left in that trailer. 

See you down the road

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